The records of the Arizona Cardinals in NFL 2016 season

With due respect, the Arizona Cardinals is a professional NFL team in the United States. The NFL career of the Arizona Cardinals is not so progressive in the NFL history.

After that, the Cardinals has won totally 542 games until 2016 season. In opposite, it has also lost 732 games at the same time.

The NFL 2016 season of the Arizona Cardinals was the 97th season in the NFL history. But it was the 118th season according to the franchises. Actually, the Arizona Cardinals jumped into the NFL 2016 season because of super performance in the previous NFL 2015 season.

Over the NFL 2016 season, Bruce Arians directed to the Arizona Cardinals team as a head coach. This is the fourth times under this chief coach.  According to the statistics, the Arizona Cardinals has won 7 times and lost 8 games at all.

The Arizona Cardinals played well in NFL 2016 season, stood the second position in the NFC West Division. But the Cardinals did not qualify for the Playoff games. At least, the Arizona Cardinals has tied one game at the same time.

In the preseason of the NFL 2016, the unique result of the Arizona Cardinals is not so shining. Whereas the team has lost maximum 3 times and won only one game against Denver Broncos.

Due to the regular season NFL 2016, the Arizona Cardinals has drawn moderate result through various performances. By this time, the Cardinals lost maximum 8 terms, won 7 times and drawn just 1 game over the NFL 2016 season.

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