The NFL Rookie Players in the 2016 Year

In the past year, that was a tremendous year for the NFL games. Whereas, some of the fabulous NFL players become rookies in the 2016 year by better performance. As nice as, they are an offensive rookie, defensive rookie and overall PFWA rookie of the 2016 year.

As soon as possible, the Professional Football Writer of America studied more to select the best offensive rookie and defensive rookie of the past year. The authority considered the rookie of 2016 by evaluating the performance and highest paid in a ridiculous way.

In the 2016 season, the running back of the Dallas Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott has selected as an offensive rookie of the 2016 year. Actually, he leads the NFL games in rushing yards on behalf of Dallas Cowboys.

According to the statistics, Ezekiel Elliott has rushed a league more than 322 times in account of 1,631 yards. He also leads 15 times touchdown over the 15 games in the 2016 year. In this scene, the average score of the Ezekiel Elliott is 5.1 per attempt.

That is why Ezekiel Elliott is the 5th rookie over the NFL games since 1970. Ezekiel Elliott stood second in the NFL history by screening total 363 yards and one touchdown.

Ezekiel Elliott was also assigned as an NFC offensive rookie for the month of October 2016 when he rushed 525 yards and three TDs. On the other hand, DE Joey Bosa has become the defensive rookie of the 2016 year.

DE Joey Bosa performs as a DL in the NFL games as a member of the San Diego Chargers team. In remarks, DE Joey Bosa has become defensive rookie for the month of October and December 2016.

DE Joey Bosa scored two sacks in the debut game at Oakland and become 5th player in the league history.

The previous PFWA NFL rookies of the year were Tommy Nobis (1966), S Mark career (1990), RB Todd Gurley (2015).

Especially in the 2016 NFL games, Ezekiel Elliott is considered the 4th offensive player in the career of Dallas Cowboys. But now, Ezekiel Elliott has selected 2016 PFWA Rookie of the year.

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