Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans Live Stream

Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans Live Stream

Teams: Colts vs Texans

Time: 2:00 PM ET


Date: Sunday on 5 November 2017

Location: NRG Stadium, Houston


Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans Live Stream

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The Houston Texans is a professional football team in the NFL games. The Texans have emerged the professional football career based on the Texans, Houston.

The Texans are the current member of the American Football Conference in the NFL. The overall statistical scores of the Texans team in the regular season are 106-134 at all.

As you know, the team has won 106 games in the NFL history. But the team has lost 134 games in the same condition.

The team has achieved Playoff trophy 3 times in the history of NFL games. Even that it has also achieved Divisional Championship trophy 4 times in the professional football games.

The Texans could not achieve any Super Bowl Championship trophy until today. But the professional football career of the team is developing day by day.

Like above team, Indianapolis Colts is also an NFL team in the United States. At the very beginning, the Colts have played their games at the RCA Dome.

NFL GamepassBut now they play at the professional football games at the Lucas Oil Stadium since 2008 as a member of AFC.

According to the previous statistics, we can evaluate the qualities between the both teams. It can be noted that the overall statistics of the Indianapolis Colts in regular seasons are 502-441.

The winning record of the team is well. That means the team has claimed 502 games instead of 441 games in the NFL stage.

It has captured 22 Playoff trophy in their professional football career. They have also claimed 2 Super Bowl trophy in the NFL history. The Colts has also won 4 times Championship trophy overall the NFL career.

The Colts has also achieved 7 times Conference Championship trophy and 16 Divisional Championship trophy overall NFL seasons.


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